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    Dîn wa Dunia - دين ودنيا

    Columnist & Contributor

    This monthly Moroccan French-language magazine was dedicated to cultures and religions. It was committed to promoting a better understanding between cultures in a world experiencing increased hate-mongering.

    I contributed:

    - a monthly column: "Houna London - Ici Londres" (هنا لندن - London calling)
    - articles on a regular basis on topical themes analysed from an Anglo-Saxon perspective

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    Le Journal hebdomadaire

    Foreign press correspondent in Paris

    After a few months' experience in Casablanca at the pioneer independent Moroccan newsweekly Le Journal hebdomadaire, I became their Foreign press correspondent in Paris.

    From 2007 to 2010, I was in charge of the "World" section, and have published high-quality articles on Arab & International affairs on a weekly basis.


  • Din wa dunia

    Column & articles published with Dîn wa Dunia - دين ودنيا

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    Genou à terre: Quand le sport devient politique

    "Houna London", November 2017, n. 24

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    De Detroit à Charlottesville: Is Orange really the new Black?

    "Houna London", August-September 2017, n. 23

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    Trump l'altermondialiste?

    "Houna London", August-September 2017, n. 21-22

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    Juin a-t-il signé la fin de May?

    "Houna London", July 2017, n. 20

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    "Macron Président", vu d'Outre-Manche

    "Houna London", June 2017, n. 19, p. 16

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    Gibraltar à l'heure du Brexit: Entre nationalismes et attirance européenne

    "Houna London", May 2017, n. 18, p. 18

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    Pourquoi défendre l'UE même après l'avoir quittée

    "Houna London", April 2017, n. 17, p. 16

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    "Checks and balances": De l'importance des garde fous institutionnels en démocratie

    "Houna London", March 2017, n. 16, p. 16

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    The power of "popular culture" de Bob Dylan à Meryl Streep

    "Houna London", February 2017, n. 15, p. 16

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    La chute d'Alep ou le nouvel échec de l'Humanité

    "Houna London", January 2017, n. 10, p. 18

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    Aux origines de la "Trumperie", pour mieux faire face

    "Houna London", December 2016, n. 13, p. 16

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    Sadiq Khan, le maire de tous les Londoniens

    December 2016, n. 13, p. 18-21

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    Plus que jamais, la femme est l'avenir de l'Homme

    "Houna London", November 2016, n. 12, p. 16

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    Bikini vs. Burkini? Pas si simple

    "Houna London", October 2016, n. 11, p. 18

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    Mohamed Ali, Requiem pour un champion

    September 2016, n. 10, p. 64-69

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    Rassembler plutôt que diviser

    "Houna London", September 2016, n. 10, p. 16

  • the new arab & العربي الجديد

    Pieces published with The New Arab & العربي الجديد

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    Artivist rapper Lowkey returns to the stage

    26 September 2016

    Blog post available here.

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    لوكي... انحياز لقضايا المظلومين

    8 September 2016

    Article available here.