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    Latest academic publication

    Music, Politics and "Organic Artists" during the Arab Spring: Contention vs. Status Quo in Tunisia and Morocco

    Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, Vol. 12 Issue 1, 2019, Special Issue: Reading Popular Music in the Arab Region and in the Diaspora, p. 88-108

    Click here for the abstract and landing page of the article.

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    Latest column Houna London (London calling)

    Genou à terre: Quand le sport devient politique

    Dîn wa Dunia, November 2017, n. 24

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    Latest conference

    How digital technologies and cultures facilitated the musical revival of Aboul Kacem Chebbi's poem "The will to live" from Tunisia to Morocco, Lebanon, and beyond

    23 May 2017

    Music Department, City University, London, UK

    As part of the conference "Music, technology and digital cultures in the Middle East and North Africa".

    More information available here.

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    Latest interview

    Le festival, une forme de production du politique

    Paul Marchesseau, Post-Piper, 10 May 2017

    Interview available here.



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    Latest journalistic piece

    Sadiq Khan, le maire de tous les Londoniens

    Dîn wa Dunia, December 2016, n. 13, p. 18-21


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    Latest blog post

    Artivist rapper Lowkey returns to the stage

    The New Arab, 26 September 2016

    Blog post available here.



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